Together We Stand with Charlottesville

unite against hate posterThe past several weeks have been full of emotion. Disappointment. Hurt. Anger. Fear. Video replays following the tragic events in Charlottesville this month show people being beaten with lit torches, crowds chanting words of hate and bigotry, and a car taking an innocent life.

​The people of the city of Charlottesville are not going to take it. The University of Virginia is not going to take it. A college campus is a place of learning. It’s where students go to share knowledge and ideas. We must protect our students of all identities, not put them down. They are the future of this great country. All Virginia colleges and universities stand with UVA at this time, just as they stood with Virginia Tech in 2007.

We will not back down in the face of hate.  We must take a stand and condemn this act of terrorism. Together, we are stronger.

This kind of hate does not represent human decency, and, as Governor McAuliffe said, these people have no place in the great Commonwealth of Virginia or in America. We stand with Charlottesville today and every day. We will not back down. We will overcome.

~ M. Vasquez
Virginia Tech, Class of 2016