Month: September 2017

I am a Christian, and a Democrat.

How I reconcile the two in today’s world. As society is ostensibly becoming more polarized by the minute, it seems that people have a tendency to want to put each other in oversimplified, rigid boxes. For example: ‘He cares about social justice, therefore he is a Democrat’. ‘She is a Christian, therefore she is a…

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Canvass Kickoff with Ralph

Many of you are spending evenings and weekends knocking doors and phone banking for our Virginia Beach candidates. We appreciate your continued and tireless support. Next weekend, Ralph Northam will be here in Virginia Beach with us for a Canvass Kickoff with our next Governor. Download or view this flyer for details.  Join us for this Canvass…

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VBDC Bylaw and Organizational Changes

VBDC Bylaw and Organizational Changes At the September 11, 2017 business meeting, the VBDC Steering Committee proposed several Bylaw and organizational changes to voting members.  The objectives of the Bylaw and organizational changes were to: 1. expand our membership and volunteer base; and 2. reorganize the VBDC structure to streamline the chair’s role, strengthen legislative…

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A Call to Action

It is time to stand up for our progressive principles and our progressive candidates! Friends, I watched a Ted Talk the other day by Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth, a teacher and psychologist, who was trying to predict success. Through all of her studies, she found that the common link between successful people is grit. She…

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Join The Plus3 Initiative and Get Out The Vote

WHAT IS PLUS3? Plus3 is a new Get Out the Vote (GOTV) strategy to help address the problem of low voter turnout, especially in non-presidential elections. It is a collaboration between Thunderdome Politics and grassroots organizations such as Virginia Indivisible and Together We Will. Our Virginia Beach candidates for the VA House of Delegates who…

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DNC’s Youth Council – Positions Open

The Democratic National Committee’s Youth Council   Applications are now available for the 2017-2019 at-large positions on the Democratic National Committee’s Youth Council. The application can also be found online at  The Youth Council will select one male and one female from each of the DNC’s four regions (East, South, Midwest and West) to serve…

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