Join The Plus3 Initiative and Get Out The Vote

plus3 initiativeWHAT IS PLUS3?

Plus3 is a new Get Out the Vote (GOTV) strategy to help address the problem of low voter turnout, especially in non-presidential elections. It is a collaboration between Thunderdome Politics and grassroots organizations such as Virginia Indivisible and Together We Will.

Our Virginia Beach candidates for the VA House of Delegates who are participating with Plus3 are excited about this special initiative that complements their campaign efforts.  We need volunteers like you to join Plus3 and help flip Virginia Beach Blue!


1. When you sign up for Plus3, you will pick a district you live in or live near. As part of a district team, you’ll gain access to a private Facebook Group for your district and will be kept informed through email as well. As soon as you volunteer, please reach out to invite friends, family and members of other groups (think: PTA, Book club, College Association, etc.) to also join us! Share this page. We need as many volunteers as possible.

2. You will get a contact list of  three voters who live near you. Your “3” are people who vote, and likely vote Democratic, but who vote only occasionally or not at all in non-presidential elections.

3. After you receive your voter contacts, until the election, you may send postcards, call, text, or reach out to the voters through social media. Ultimately, how and when you choose to interact is up to you, but the goal is to let them know there is an election, help them understand the importance of voting in non-presidential elections, answer any questions they may have about their candidates, and help them solve any obstacles they may have to voting on November 7th. Volunteers get to see the fruits of their effort and voters get to interact with a consistent contact person across time.

And you won’t be alone – which makes it fun!

Please check out this video and sign up here: Register here on the Thunderdome website