Gillespie Tax Plan Would Cripple Schools

A new Virginia Education Association analysis of the tax plan offered by gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie shows it would slash funding for Virginia public schools by $404 million—a major blow to schools that have not yet recovered from recession-era budget cuts.

The analysis focused on FY 2021, the first year after full implementation of the Gillespie tax plan. In that year, Virginia public schools stand to lose a total of $404 million in direct aid from the General Fund. The lost dollars would be largest in Fairfax County ($39.1 million), Prince William County ($32.1 million), Loudoun County ($22.7 million), Virginia Beach ($20.8 million), and Chesterfield County ($19.8 million). Richmond public schools would lose $9.3 million in aid and Henrico $15.9 million under the Gillespie tax plan. (Figures for all Richmond-area school divisions attached.)

“Ed Gillespie’s tax plan would be a disaster for our public schools, for the students who attend them, and for their parents and communities,” said Jim Livingston, a math teacher from Prince William and VEA president. “Mr. Gillespie is offering up a tax plan favoring the wealthiest Virginians while practically assuring that our schools will be forced to cut vital programs and increase class sizes. Clearly, that’s not what is best for kids, who are the Commonwealth’s future.”

Read more in this release from the Virginia Education Association.