“What’s In the Omnibus For Us?”

ominbus spending bill~ Article by ITS-W

March 23rd. That was the deadline for the Omnibus spending bill to pass, but at 2,200 pages long, do you ever wonder who is driving the bus?

Well, it wasn’t Trump and his supporters, at least this time around. After one of his famous Twitter tirades where he claimed he wasn’t going to sign the bill, he did so anyway. Many of his supporters are angry, and some have turned on him. And while the bill certainly contains a lot of things that the Democrats disagree with, there are some unexpected and rather clever victories hidden inside. Why? Well, when procrastinators and bad negotiators like the GOP run up against the furthest deadline, they do what any other procrastinator does: copy someone else’s work. In this case, much of the spending bill copied the work of President Obama’s 2016 budget request.

Here are a few gems:

First, it doesn’t include any money for the “wall.” Note that the GOP will try to waste taxpayer money on this monstrosity in another way, via the military budget, but we’ll be there to remind them that an Executive Branch that spends money in a way inconsistent with what the Legislative Branch passed is violating the constitution.

Programs like Pell Grants and Head Start, which have been attacked by conservatives like Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, received spending increases. For the next five months, DeVos is stuck with fully funding programs she’d rather destroy.

Despite weathering constant GOP threats to extinguish them, programs like the National Endowments, PBS, NPR, Block Grants, and more, were not only fully funded, but received increases.

The bill included further sanctions on Russia (that, hopefully, will actually be implemented).

On top of all that, Dems were able to block any cuts in Planned Parenthood funding.

While the GOP continues to hold Dreamers hostage, and this budget only gets the government to September, Americans are likely relieved that, even as a minority in congress, Democrats were able to continue to thwart large portions of Trump’s harmful agenda.

This November, Americans will use the power of the Ballot Box to say “no” to the GOP agenda. Then we can reverse the tax cuts on the ultra-wealthy, slow the spiraling of the National Debt that the GOP has created, and get our country back on track again.


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