GOP Bumps the Bump-Stock Ban Bills

Poll after poll, from NPR to Quinnipiac University, shows that Americans do not want single-trigger-fire weapons easily turned into rapid-fire machine guns. Support for a bump-stock ban extends to a majority of gun owners. For a legislator in a democratic legislative body run by rational people, support for banning bump-stocks seems like a no-brainer.

I bet you know where this is going.

In a recent legislative session, not one, not two, but three bump-stock ban bills were killed on party-line votes in unevenly-weighted sub-committees. As the Richmond Times-Dispatch┬áreported back in January, GOP representatives Wright, Webert, Fariss, and Freitas (who, incidentally, has the audacity to think he’s going to take Tim Kaine’s Senate seat this year), sat through the heartfelt personal story of Las Vegas shooting survivor Cortney Carroll and once again gave hollow “thoughts and prayers” before voting against the ban.

To add insult to injury, since this was a sub-committee of the Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety, there’s no recording of the session. The public wouldn’t even know about Cortney Carroll’s testimony without reporting by the /Richmond Times-Dispatch/. Legislation to require sub-committees to record their meetings in the same way full committees do was killed in the House Rules Committee this year.

The public wants common-sense legislation that would at least make mass shootings more of a challenge to carry out. It’s clear that the GOP, both in Washington and Richmond, are not interested in helping a majority of constituents to make our commonwealth safer. Fortunately, as /U.S. News & World Report/ explains, the next generation strongly favors legislation like banning bump stocks. In a Democracy there’s a remedy for legislators that don’t want to listen to the will of the public: being replaced with people that will.

Let’s send the message to candidates: Don’t want to ban bump stocks? We’ll bump you out of a job in Nov. 2018.

~ Article by ITS-W

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