Join Us and Get Involved

Join Us and Get Involved

We need your voice to push this wave into 2018.

Since Virginia and Virginia Beach made history on November 7, 2017, we let Trump and his Republicans know that we want leaders who represent the best of who we are as human beings. Join the Virginia Beach Democrats and take a stand. We must oppose the current administration’s attack on education, tax reform, health care, the environment, the economy, human rights and more. We can no longer sit back and watch what is happening to our country, our cities and our lives. Now, more than ever, we must be involved in every election and at every level of government.

Join us, attend our meetings and help us make a solid plan for 2018.

Membership Application

Please fill out the Membership Application below to join the Virginia Beach Democrats.

Every two years, the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee reorganizes as required by the Democratic Party of Virginia. This means that every two years we wipe the slate clean and start over; all current members lose their status in November of 2017. For those who renewed their membership between November 16 and November 29, and you were voted in as a member on 12/4/17, your membership with voting privileges will roll over into 2018-2019 and you are eligible vote for new officers (or are eligible to be elected to an officer position) at the caucus on 1/3/18.

For anyone who wishes to apply for membership after 11/29/17:

  1. Apply online here.
  2. Apply by mail using this form. Download the Membership form here. You can deliver your signed form to a current officer, bring to our next monthly business meeting, scan and email, or scan and submit by uploading to our website contact form.

For new members, we have expanded membership categories online as of September 11, 2017. (Note: Only the first Member Category online can be selected for full voting privileges.)

Descriptions in detail are listed here on Members, Associate Members, Supporters and Volunteers.




Local Grassroots Organizations & Groups

Listed below are just a few of many local and grassroots organizations in the Hampton Roads area who are working hard to resist Trump’s America by making their voices heard and to support local and national Democratic candidates.

Together We Will – Hampton Roads

Indivisible 757


Progressive Democrats of America – Hampton Roads

Virginia Young Democrats

Norfolk Democrats

Black Lives Matter 757


LGBT Democrats of Virginia

HR Grassroots Progressive Coalition

Moms Demand Action