Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Mission is simple.
The Virginia Beach Democratic Committee is dedicated to supporting all the citizens of our city
by promoting Democratic values and candidates at the local and state level.

People are at the heart of the Democratic Party. We support business and sound, reasonable public policies that enhance the commonwealth of all our citizens and institutions, both public and private. We believe that security, safety and sustainability, broadly defined, should guide our actions. We believe we all need to work together to sustain our gains and move Virginia Beach forward.

We need economic diversification to create more jobs and to generate enough revenue to improve our Virginia Beach stormwater infrastructure, fix our aging roads and bridges, and fully fund our public schools and first responders. The Democratic Party’s platform speaks to economic diversification through small business and entrepreneurial support and incentives, through portable guaranteed health care policy, and through fully funding public schools, implementing vo-tech programs, and supporting higher education so that we have an educated workforce. In partnership with the private sector, we believe the public sector has an important role to play in improving and maintaining the quality of life we enjoy in Virginia Beach.

We, Virginia Beach Democrats, are running on, and supporting, a community-based economic platform so we can roll up our sleeves and help all businesses, large and small, that are the economic engine of our city by the sea.




2017 Bylaws and 2018-2019 Organizational Chart

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